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This roll simulator is based on estimations taken from data accumulated through multiple sources, which include but is not limited to: Social media videos, forum posts, and various websites with roll logs. Since the actual source code is private, only IGG knows the actual formulas and how rolls are actually generated. The formula currently weights rolls based on class ( Sacrifice, Ordinary, Elite, and Legendary ) with chances being 25%, 10%, 60%, 5% respectively. Individual heroes themselves are not weighed outside of the legendary and sacrifice class, so all heroes within the Ordinary and Elite class have the same chance of being rolled. The sacrifices Crystal Ooze and Gelatinous Champion have a 85% and 15% chance, respectively, of being rolled when the Sacrifice class is selected. The chances of rolling a shardable hero vs gem only hero is 75% and 25%, respectively, when the Legendary class is selected.